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Grass pellets? Wood pellets? Hops pellets? Feed pellets? Fertilizer pellets? Biomass Fuel Pellets or Animal Bedding? - Do it all with our turn key specialized pellet mills!

Lawson Mills have the pellet mill solution for you!

Custom pellet mill solutions - a two mill 20 hp grass pellet unit in a trailer

 Our LM range of pellet systems have helped hundreds of satisfied customers save money by recycling their existing biomass waste or producing unique product lines for the retail market.

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Fresh T90 Hops Pellets

We make and stock pellet mills


What our industry leading pellet unit features:


  • Our high quality engineered pellet mill with world class gear reducers and premium efficiency 3 phase motors.


  • Feed Hopper with anti bridge technology (gear driven) for smooth flowing of raw materials.


  • Conditioning arm with mixing system and liquid metering pumps.


  • Patented steam capture chamber (for fuel pellets) or steam release for cool press pellets for feed or hops.


  • Integrated fines removal system.


  • Integrated cooling system.


  • Highest grade tool steel die and rollers.


  • Secondary hopper for blending multiple dry ingredients also available on each model.


  • Quality control panels for smooth and easy operation of all the system.


  • 1 Year warranty* (Extendable)


 Lawson Mills Biomass Solutions Ltd.

*Does not include wear items (bearings, shafts, dies and roller heads). 

Canadian Owned & Operated


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