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Pellet bagging systems to suit your needs. Bulk bag filling and 10-100lb weigh scale filling.

KP Conveyor Bulk Bag Filler.

Our KP Conveyor fits at the end of any of our LM line of pelleting systems and is designed to feed bulk bags or other conveyors. Made from high grade sheet steel it incorporates premium bearings and is built to last! It is gear driven and utilizes a premium efficiency 1 hp motor. The conveyor is controlled through the pellet mill control panel and can be designed in various lengths and flight options. Need to adjust the speed? We can build the KP with variable speed controls. Base price is $4600.

LMP Manual or semi automated packaging line

We build a line of beam scale or semi automated packaging line that can pack pellets in 10-100lb bags.

The bagged product is conveyed to a heat sealer (ribbon or hot air) or sowing unit.

Depending on need the systems can be built to accept bulk bags or custom steel hoppers can be built above for accepting pellets straight from the line up to 1 tonne.

Prices start from $12,000.