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The advantages of multiple smaller units over one large mill.

FAQ- 'I wish to produce large amounts of pellets for commercial sale is this viable with your systems?'

A- Below are some reasons why many companies are looking into multiple modular systems over one large pellet operation.(see BELOW for some multiple unit operations).

Cost: 4 of our XXT units running together can produce up to 2-3 tons of high quality pellets, our systems need no steam injection and we can combine automation to allow multiple units to be ran by a minimum workforce. The systems already have feed, conditioners, moisture injection, cooling and screening mechanisms built in, so these items do not need to be purchased separately. The savings of going with multiple units can be substantially lower than the traditional ring mill die set up.

Shorter Down Time: Multiple systems running together eliminate down time in production. For example as one is being cleaned and maintained the others are still producing (not the case with a single mill). Plus if one of our systems malfunctions for whatever reason production is still going on, and with a smaller unit, repair is often undertaken within an hour and with minimal labor effort and much less cost as spares are often on hand and inexpensive.

Electricity cost: Our systems are one of the most efficient on the market - with 4 XXT mills running producing  2+ tons plus per hour the draw will be approximately 100 KWH - Thats over half of what your average single 2+ Ton/hr ring mill die will cost to operate. Plus our units feed, condition, clean and cool the pellets all within that 100 KWH!

Multiple lines: Companies often need to diversify today to stay ahead in business, with multiple units it is possible to run separate lines of pellet product at the same time, creating a more stable business platform.

Expansion: Our systems are modular and can be added to at any time which makes growing a business affordable, as the business grows extra single units can be added to an existing multiple system line at a reduced cost. This allows a company to start with smaller costs initially and build their business at a realistic level.


2 mills linked in a mobile operation